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Come Platform Me is a programme set up to support and uplift marginalised promoters through a series of gigs. The project aims to support individuals with their needs, wherever they are in their journey as a promoter, to become more skilled & confident within the music industry.

So far, Come Platform Me has supported over 15 people to create their own music based events with our support.

We're currently working with Leeds23 to upskill 12 more promoters and create cultural events . We can't wait to share these new events with you! Keep an eye out on our events page for the Come Platform Me logo to support our upcoming promoters. 

Upcoming Events


Previous Events + Collaborators


Click on the event posters to find out more about each event!



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Favourite part of the process was "Seeing the positive impact it made on so many individuals who wanted to learn about live sound"

Katrina Dixon, Come Platform Me Round 2

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"It was the perfect amount of guidance in that we were allowed to have the time to try and figure things out for ourselves but also were nudged in places and helped with contacts, any questions, etc"

Kara King, Come Platform Me Round 2

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"The CPWM team were friendly and supportive, I had regular check ins, and appreciated them suggesting ideas"

Will Druid, Come Platform Me Round 2

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" We got to form some relationships and networks with people who also were in the scheme"

Cerise Hodgson, Come Platform Me Round 2

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"Everyone was super helpful and supportive throughout the process, I learnt so much from everyone involved who were all willing to teach me"

Morgan Emily, Come Platform Me Round 2

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"Any questions or worries I had about the event was clearly explained and discussed. This made me feel confident and comfortable about putting on my first event."

Jemma Crane, Come Platform Me Round 2

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"The support from Come Play With Me for my proposed gig has undoubtedly energised my
motivations for organising and hosting
events in the future."

Sarah Statham, Come Platform Me Round 1

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More opportunities to come, follow our social media to be the first the hear.

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